Mission Statement

The mission of Reach One Teach One Inc. is to provide services and programs that are designed to give at-risk youth an alternative to pursue a better understanding of themselves, and their community through education, guidance, mentoring, self-awareness, and role modeling; and provide services to participating parents that will enhance and promote family.


Reach One Teach One Inc. is designed to service at-risk children across the St. Louis area and across the country. The purpose of Reach One Teach One Inc. is to educate, train, and assist children to understand the benefits of being intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physical fit, as well as cultivating their minds on the importance of education as it relates to them. We stand firmly in our effort to give at-risk children an alternative to pursue a better understanding of themselves and their community. Our alternatives will help lead and guide children from living or turning to a life of crime, despair, lack of motivation, and family breakdown.

Reach One Teach One, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to provide educational and social enrichment programs for pre-adolescent and adolescent youth between grades K-12 in urban primary and secondary schools. This organization will also provide services to the participating parents, with efforts to enhance and promote family. The programming values of Reach One Teach One Inc. are focused on the following four areas (click an item to learn more):

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